Superman 64 Level 1 playthrough

Superman 64 Level 1 playthrough

I got the horrific game on tape

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Your face after reading this

Scarylicious.exe is the very first Trollpasta writen by Moronic Intelligence. It was created to make fun of the clichés apparent in today's creepypastas.

The pastaEdit

Once upon a time I got a file from my friend on a hard drive. It came with a note telling me to destroy it before it kills me but being the asshole protaganist I am because this story obviously needed one. I plugged it into my old as dirt Windows 8 computer. See, asshole and dumbass. This is a creepypasta so that is required. ANYways it was a platform game on the hard drive called Scarylicious.exe. Adding .exe or .avi or .wmv or .txt makes it better of a creepposta. I clicked on the file and there was blood on the screen that looked all hyper-realistic and stuff. Because this is a creepypasta I will make sure it has blood that looks real. I pressed start and my character wore clothes covered in blood pee and pus. Some guy ran into my fort and instakilled me. Being the dumbass protagonist I never turned it off becsuse if I did it would nof be a masterpiece like Blood Whistle. I respawned and walked out and fell out and music was playing in reverse and hyper-realistic blood was everywhere and I would like a Whopper no onions extra pickles and oops run-on sentence.  I landed on the ground and broke my legs and it looked real. Then a smiley face with crappy blood drawn underneath it with Paint was up on the screen for 12.87553490564321876656789986 seconds and it scared me. It said to turn off the game but I played and my char got loopkilled and stuff. I unplugged the game and when I did a skeleton popped out and ripped out my spine so a ghost is writing this piece of shit. End the