This is the rules page for the chat, follow these or else...

First time in breaking the rules results in warning, second, third and fourth time results in kick, fifth time results in 2 hour ban, sixth time is one day, anytime after sixth is up to mods. Exceptions will be in the list of rules. Punishment may vary depending on severity. Excessive disobedience to the mods will result in punishment. As of the moment, the punishment is up to the mods and admins.

Chat Rules

Under no circumstances is there to be any drama, this is a drama-free zone and we will not tolerate it

Spam & Vandalism

No using chat for advertising, posting the same thing over and over and/or vandalizing with defaming remarks and the like


No excessive caps, the occasional use for it is alright but excessive use is not alright, it is the equivalent to shouting and should only be used for emphasis if used at all


We allow for little roleplay. If you wish to have full out roleplay, do it in PM


This is an English speaking chatroom so that is the language you should be speaking in. You may swear and, if you wish to, self censor. We do not, however, allow for racial, sexist, homophobic and/or religious slurs.


You may use colored text as much as you want without punishment, however, you should not overuse big or small text


ASCII art is allowed as long as it is simple, short, and one-lined. Example: (\/)(;,,;)(\/)


There is to be no more than 5 emotes on a line and make sure to have a space between each emote, there is no need to use chat to test emotes, that is unnecessary as we have a list of them for you to look at already: List of Emotes


Links are to be no longer than one line, if it is, use or some other URL shortener to shorten the URL DO NOT LINK TO; Pornography, screamers and/or flashing pictures. This will result in a kick without warning and, if continued, a ban. If you feel that you must post an unsafe URL, warn that it is Not Safe For Work (NSFW), if it is Safe For Work (SFW) you do not have to warn, but may if you wish.


Walls without warning will result in kick without warning. Walls here are considered to be 4 lines long.

No Trolling, Flaming, Harassing or Provoking Others

Users should not be trolling or purposefully annoying other users in the chat, nor is harassment ok as it is against the law to harass


If the the majority of or much of the chat wants you to stop doing something, it would be wise to listen to them and stop. If you continue with such behavior you will be kicked, or, if it is severe enough of an annoyance, banned


If you are not a mod nor an admin, then don't behave like you are one. This will result in a kick


Begging for things (Such as mod status, kicking, bans) will result in getting kicked

Invading Chat

Do not try to invade chat, it's common sense


Socks are accounts made to bypass a ban, if you sock, your sock account will be permabanned and the first account will receive a longer ban

13 Years

To be allowed in chat you must at least years of age, if it is found out that are under the age will banned from chat and reported to staff

Personal Information

In chat, you may not ask for personal information, such as name, age, or address.

The set of guidelines that will be following are the moderator guidelines. These are to make sure that the mods know their place and make sure to enforce the rules as they are not above the rules.

Moderator Guidelines

You may only use your powers to enforce the rules that are already there, not the ones that you make up. You may not use your powers based on your personal preferences.


To keep things clear, kicking a person is not the same as warning them. A warning in chat is when you tell them what they did wrong so that they don't do it again, kicking them without telling them what they did wrong does not tell them what they did wrong


Contrary to popular belief, a kick is NOT the same as a warning. If you kick without warning you will be punished also. If your too lazy to tell a person what they did wrong then you are too lazy to be a mod.

Warn, Then Kick

No matter what, before you kick a person, you must warn them, and by warn, that means you must tell them what not to do, then kick them.