C'mon you little shits, it's time for a fucking story.

The StoryEdit

Okay so FACS class has to be the most boring class in my school. So one day I didn't want to go to class, because it was last period and it was Friday. So after my class I went directly to the media center (where all the computers are and it's a library too) and a class was going on and they were using the computers. So I read a book. Then, the 65 year old helping teacher (from The Bitch Teacher) came up to me and said, "Jake, where are you supposed to be?" in a scared moment, I said "I thought I was supposed to be in directed study here." And then she went and said "Are you sure? I'll go check." So she went in a confrence room or something and I ran into the bathroom. I went into the big stall and just stood there, I thought it would work. But then like 20 minutes later I here "Jake Anderson to the main office please, Jake Anderson to the main office please." So I was like "Oh no, I'm in deep shit!" So I went to the main office and I saw the main helping teacher (not the bitch teacher) and we both went to the vice principal office with the FACS teacher aswell. We talked for a while, and then the vice principal made me write an apology letter, and have it signed by Monday. I kept saying "I forgot" but the real reason was I wanted the teacher to forget about it so I wouldn't get in trouble at home, cause I had to have it signed. And then I think Thursday, the main helping teacher called my mom and said I needed to have it signed. I got home and did it and got it signed. I handed it the next day, and I was grounded from friends and computer for 1 week. That sucked especially because that week was April vacation. So kids, never skip class you dumbass little fucks.